Aveda Institute Guest Survey

Guest Relations
Was it easy to schedule your appointment?
If no, please explain.
Were your needs met at the front desk?
Were you offered Comforting Tea or water?
Were you greeted in a friendly manner?
Do you want to receive appointment confirmations via e-mail?
Student Services
Did you receive a consultation?
Was an instructor involved?
If so, how was the experience?
Did you wait an unreasonable amount of time for your service to begin?
Did an instructor follow-up at the end of your service?
Did the student explain what products were used on you?
Have you enjoyed the results of the hair, skin or nail services received?
Student who served you:
Retail Area
Were you offered a value-added service: sensory journey, hand massage, stress-relieving ritual, or makeup touch-up?
Were you offered the option to schedule your next appointment?
Did the Retail Coordinator appear professional and knowledgeable?
Did they explain the Pure Privilege Program to you?
Team member who served you:
Overall Impression
Was the Institute clean?
Was your student and the staff professional in their appearance and service?
Would you recommend us to a friend?
What did you like the most?
What did you like the least?
What would you like to see different on your next visit?
How would you rate your overall experience?

I would like to speak with someone from the institute.
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