Aveda Institutes for Your Aveda Beauty School Education

Prepare to achieve your dreams.
You have a goal. Perhaps it’s to be a stylist, a spa therapist, an editorial artist. Whatever it may be, you have the talent and drive to achieve it.  And at Aveda Institute, you have the opportunity.

You’ll learn from exceptional instructors, study Aveda exclusive curriculum, and connect to the most successful, sustainable network of salon professionals in the industry.  This network will provide you with opportunities to develop and contribute throughout your career.

At Aveda Institute, you’ll master the technical skills necessary to excel while cultivating your own unique talents. You’ll join a global team committed to artistic, business and environmental excellence.  And you’ll grow both as professional and as an individual.  

High style. High income. High demand.
The salon industry is about abundance. If you’re interested in fashion you can work on photo shoots, runway shows, movies and more. If you prefer a salon environment, the industry is exploding. The career paths are vast and varied. The average full-time salon salary across the US is $50,000 per year. The price of a hair cut in an Aveda salon is twice the industry standard. This means you can earn well above the national average.

And the jobs are out there. The number of Aveda salons and spas alone has increased 61% in the last two years. That growing market creates the demand for expertly trained salon professionals. The Aveda network looks to Aveda institutes first, when seeking new talent.  

Connect with prospective employers.
The potential for success is unlimited. But education is only the first step. You need industry connections and placement opportunities. Aveda gives you both.
 Our career fairs are attended by 50 to 75 salon owners every year. Over 80% of them wish to grow their business and add top talent. New hires are up nationally by 37%.

Salon professionals don’t wait until you’ve graduated to become involved; they work directly with you throughout your course of study. Aveda network professionals teach classes, provide work/study opportunities and even sponsor study abroad programs with Aveda salons in Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Real salon environment. Real world skills.
Salons are exhilarating places to work, especially Aveda salons. The energy and expression fuel a culture of creativity.  Moreover, the power of the Aveda brand draws consistent customer traffic.

Aveda Institutes are no different.  From the first day, you’re practicing in an actual salon environment with actual salon guests. You immediately begin refining your technical skills in service delivery, consultation, image crafting, guest care, treatment and more.

Our goal isn’t merely to prepare you for state licensure – it’s to lay the groundwork for your lasting career within the Aveda network. You’ll learn about the salon/spa business including operations, business development and product retailing. You’ll gain a comprehensive skill set that will serve you throughout your career. 

Inspiration and instruction for the life of your career.
Aveda is about mentoring.  It’s Great people helping great people grow and evolve with Aveda throughout their career.

Aveda offers a complete education system. In fact, we’re the only major manufacturer that has dedicated programs for all channels of professional and salon development; basic, intermediate, advanced and business.

Learning opportunities available through annual Aveda education classes include Aveda Business College as well as Advanced Academies in New York, London, Berlin, Toronto and Vancouver for refining technical skills.  In addition, the Aveda Master Jam is a chance to be inspired by leading industry artists.  

We give network a whole new meaning.
The Aveda Network is an integrated team of more than 6,500 salons, spas, institutes and stores in over 20 countries worldwide. It is a powerful global affiliate aligned by a common goal. As one of the fastest growing worldwide salon networks, it is the most successful salon business model in the industry.

The possibilities within the Aveda Network are limitless. Salon career paths range from stylist and colorist to salon owner. If you aspire to be an Aveda educator, freelance and corporate opportunities exist. If retail is your calling, explore sales and management positions with the Aveda Experience Center. If your vision is to work for the Aveda Corporation, becoming a licensed professional with salon experience is the place to start.  

They love us. They really love us.
Aveda is a brand consumers love. And we’re not just saying that’s so. Aveda was dubbed a "love brand" in the book Trading Up: The New American Luxury. No other brand so uniquely connects fashion, beauty, wellness and art.

94% of Aveda service providers feel the Aveda brand makes an extremely favorable impression. 72% of non-Aveda service providers agree. And 70% of both Aveda and non-Aveda service providers find the Aveda mission extremely meaningful. We’re proud of the loyalty and social consciousness we inspire. And you can be a part of it. 

Beauty is as beauty does.
We are passionate artists and passionate citizens. We support values that facilitate a sustainable economy and culture. We believe in serving as agents of change in our workplace, with our families and friends, in our communities, and in our classrooms.

Our brand has always been rooted in environmental sustainability. We’re the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified wind power.* Our funding of new wind turbines generates enough wind energy to offset 100% of the electricity we use by our primary manufacturing facility in Minnesota, USA. We use ethical and traceable soil to bottle ingredients as well as organic ingredients and practices, plant-based alternatives to synthetic chemistry, and responsible packaging. We empower consumers by giving them organic and environmentally-sound choices. 

People are talking – especially employers.
"Hiring students from the Aveda Institute makes it easier on me as an owner because I don’t have to spend as much time, energy and money retraining them on the Aveda methodology. They come prepared already knowing product knowledge and the Aveda signature spa services."—Marjorie Livingstone, Owner, Aveda Bethesda Salon and Spa

“I like to hire students from the Aveda Institute because they are so much more ahead of the game than students from other schools. They are light years ahead in knowledge and cutting technique. They’re able to go out and make a difference right away as opposed to training with someone else first. They have a very strong grasp on the Aveda methodology."—Riccardo Santoro, Owner, Varuna SalonSpa
















































































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